Foody compares prices automatically and show you the best deals.
All with just one click from your phone
We save up to 10-20% of foodcost. And it's totally free.
Manage and track
all of your orders in one place
Keep track
of your purchasing prices
Find better
Keep track of your purchasing prices
Analyze marketplace prices for all ingredients straight from our app to make sure you’re getting the best price.
Get push-notify on your phone when the prices get change.
Order price
Get 1% cashback from your current suppliers by ordering through Foody
Choose your partners from over 65 supplier all over Bay Area
The Foodie app has over 65 suppliers from the Bay Area. We help find you better price suppliers.
Digitize your invoices simply with your phone’s camera
Take a photo of an invoice and we’ll automatically populate the relevant information into any accounting system, like QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Xero, etc.
No need to get your accountant involved.
Easy ordering
Place orders as you would through any online retailer. Track all of your orders from one place.
Place orders to all of our suppliers. Use it for the last 4 months. Like it
I totally love these push notifications about price changes!
I use free money from Foodie cashback to test new suppliers and get cashback from them too!
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Foody is an end-to-end order management system designed for the foodservice industry.
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